Apple's massive developer event could be held on June 13


tim cook

Stephen Lam / Getty

Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) could run between June 13 and June 17, according to MacRumors.


The Moscone Centre, in San Francisco, has become Apple's go-to venue for hosting the conference, which connects developers and Apple staff, and has a keynote speech on the first day.

The keynote address is where Apple usually debuts the next version of its operating systems, any new hardware, and makes company announcements, such as the total number of iOS devices or App Store revenue.

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According to the calendar for Moscone West, which is available online, the venue is booked from June 6 to June 9 (the first week of June) and then again on June 22 through to June 30 (the last two weeks).

This gives Apple one clear week in which to host the conference: June 13 to June 17.


Apple has had to find bigger venues to host WWDC over the years and introduced a cap of 5,000 attendees in 2008 which has existed until 2015. Tickets for the event are sold online and usually sell-out in minutes.

WWDC 2016 could be used to show off the next version of iOS and OS X, the PC operating system. Apple is also rumoured to be hosting an event in March, which could see a smaller iPhone announced. The iPhone 6s was unveiled during an event in September and the iPhone 7 will likely stick to that form.

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