Apple next-gen iPhones could implement gamer friendly displays

  • Reports reckon Apple considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate display on next-gen iPhones
  • Samsung & LG probable partners to manufacture the new displays
  • Higher refresh rate displays already present in high-end gaming mobile phones

A tweet by @UniverseIce reckons that Apple may be considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate display on the 2020 iPhones.

The tweet also says that Apple is said to be in talks with Samsung and LG for the new displays. Both these companies have been partners with Apple in for displays in earlier iPhones and are among the most prominent AMOLED display manufacturers in the world.

The higher refresh rate displays have already made an appearance in gaming phones like Asus ROG which has a 90Hz display refresh rate, Razer Phone 2 which has a 120Hz display refresh rate and the OnePlus 7 Pro which has 90Hz display refresh rate.

A higher refresh rate display on a phone aids in smoother animations and scrolling, with other benefits such as less eye fatigue. On the flip side, a higher refresh rate display could impact the battery life, owing to higher power consumption to service improvement.

As to why Apple could be considering a display that can switch refresh rates on the fly? The new device could intelligently lower the refresh rate to 60Hz when static images are on screen, saving some precious battery juice in the process.

Apple has implemented this technology before. The company used 120Hz displays on its iPad and iPad Pros since 2017, terming them with the moniker ‘ProMotion’.

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