Apple's next iPad might be able to tell how hard you're pressing on the screen



Martin Hajek

A mockup of what the big-screen iPad looks like next to the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini.

Apple's next iPad could feature silver nano wires for better accuracy and pressure sensitivity behind its rumored 12.9-inch display, according to new reports from Korean news publication Etnews.


The reports fuel rumors that the large iPad, so far known as the "iPad Pro", could feature Force Touch, which is a feature Apple added to its new MacBook and Apple Watch.

For the MacBook, Force Touch adds different ways to bring up useful functions and interact with on-screen items. For example, you can adjust how fast you fast forward and rewind through a movie in iMovie. You can also Force click an address in an email to bring up the location in Apple Maps.

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Force Touch on the Apple Watch gives you a higher degree of control while keeping the watch's interface as clean as possible. One example is in the notifications panel, where applying a forceful long-tap will let you clear all your notifications rather than making you go through menus or tapping on a "clear" symbol that would take up valuable real estate on the Apple Watch's small 1.5 inch screen.

Better accuracy and touch sensitivity is beneficial to everyone, but it could be especially useful to artists using their fingers to doodle an idea with their fingers, or even draw with the rumored stylus Apple is working on.


The large iPad is reputed to come out this fall, according to Apple Insider.

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