Aston Martin's new V12 engine sounds positively devilish


With Aston Martin set to introduce the DB11 as a replacement for the venerable DB9, the company will also introduce a new engine to power the new car.

Aston Martin has thus far said no to turbocharging for its lineup of performance grand tourers, but it looks like the holdout is about to come to an end. 


The Gaydon, England-based company released a video recently teasing its incoming, next-generation, 5.2-liter, V12 engine - and words "Twin-Turbo" are very prominently displayed. 

Yes, the addition of turbos gives engineers the ability to pump up horsepower figures dramatically without the need for massive amounts of engine displacement (not that the 5.2L V12 isn't already kind of huge). However, turbos also threaten to muffle the soulful growls emitted by the company's engines. For fans of Aston's current engines, sound matters.

But Aston aficionados can stop holding their breath. The new engine in the video sounds terrific. 


Aston has yet to reveal any specifics in terms of the engine's performance. However, it is highly likely the engine will produce much more than the DB9's 510 horsepower and perhaps even more than the Vanquish's 568 ponies. 

Although Aston Martin signed a deal with Mercedes-AMG in December of 2013 to develop a new engine, that agreement only involves a V8 unit. The V8 powerplant is expected to be deployed in the next-generation replacement for the smaller Vantage line of cars. 

As a result, Aston has said that the new V12 engines are being developed in house. 


The Aston Martin DB11 is rumored to be headed for its debut in March at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Checkout the video below to hear Aston's 6.0-liter, V12 in action in the Vanquish.