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Meet the Salesforce power players helping Marc Benioff take his $87 billion cloud empire to the next level

Meet the Salesforce power players who are helping Marc Benioff take his $87 billion empire to the next level

$1.6 billion bitcoin exchange Coinbase just acquired a smaller competitor

Dropbox's superstar head of product left for a VC firm - and analysts say it could be 'welcomed news for investors'

Salesforce paid $6.86 billion to buy MuleSoft in its biggest deal ever - but MuleSoft shareholders are suing to stop the deal

US artificial intelligence startups had a record quarter and raised $1.9 billion of venture capital

MORGAN STANLEY: Only 3 software companies will sustain 'hyper growth' - and their valuations could soar

Its not just the IPO market that's booming - here's why this Silicon Valley VC says 2018 will also be the year of M&As

$1.6 billion cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is reportedly in talks to become a licensed brokerage firm

The Nasdaq halts trading in 'blockchain' company Longfin after the SEC accused executives of selling $27 million in restricted shares

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