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The world's most valuable bitcoin startup just grabbed an ex-Twitter exec to make cryptocurrency more user-friendly

The founder of litecoin, a cryptocurrency that has gained 650% in 7 months, told us he's worried about all the scams in the nascent market

Twitter is emailing 677,775 people in the US who interacted with Russian propaganda 2016 election

IBM beat on revenue for final quarter of fiscal 2017

Salesforce just made an $11.3 million equity payout for an acquisition

This artist imagined what it would look like if Google and Facebook died in a retail apocalypse

California's pain could be Colorado's gain as VCs shift investments outside Silicon Valley

10 years after cold calling his way into a job, this Ghanaian founder just got $15 million to grow his thriving start-up

IBM just replaced its chief financial officer

Dropbox needs to find a new 'ethos' and more business customers for an IPO home run

A dad-and-son cybersecurity firm impressed investors with its 'unique' software that plays a kind of hide-and-seek with hackers

The power just went out at CES, the biggest electronics conference of the year

Coinbase blames extreme buyer demand for last month's bitcoin cash disaster

It's not just you, Slack is having an outage

Salesforce hired a DJ to pump beats as employees in San Francisco moved in to their giant new tower on Monday

Facebook is killing off M, the messenger assistant that books dinner reservations on command

Cybersecurity startups raked in $7.6 billion in VC money in 2017 - twice as much as the year before

Google hired 30 employees whose only job is to retrieve stolen 'Gbikes' from Mountain View residents

Salesforce showed analysts a 'secret' slide with updated revenue projections through 2034

Justin Timberlake channels his inner Steve Jobs in his new music video

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