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Singapore is betting big on India’s property market — but it’s part of a larger international trend

Jet needs emergency funding of ₹4 billion to stay airborne until a buyer swoops in

As Jet’s woes mount, rival airlines cash in on the gaps in India’s aviation market

The RBI has a coin distribution problem - and it might be thinking about outsourcing the job to someone else

India’s trade deficit with China just fell for the first time in years — but there could be a catch

Some of India’s rich and famous find their names deleted from the voter’s list

India's political parties have to tell the Election Commission who they received donations from before a final order on electoral bonds

Etihad makes dramatic U-turn with intention to raise stake in ailing Jet Airways

India's Supreme Court will decide on the fate of electoral bonds tomorrow

The people of India's happiest state are voting to decide who they want a UBI from

A fresh controversy over ‘fake votes’ in Muzaffarnagar is scuffing the scars of the 2013 riots on the first day of polling

142 million voters go to polls today in 20 states— here’s a look at the key issues in every state

Uttar Pradesh’s unpaid farmers who are owed ₹128 billion will express their anger with ballot ink

This state going to polls today is the picture of India's rising inequality

The number of seats in India’s Parliament hasn't increased in 43 years — but the population has more than doubled

Narendra Modi's election manifesto packs larger doles and a rosy narrative

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