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Powerful volcanic eruptions will likely get more frequent in the future, scientists say

An oil spill off China's coast is the world's biggest since Deepwater Horizon - and it more than tripled in size over the weekend

Ag-tech startups are working on everything from apple-picking robots to machine learning - and they could radically transform how we grow our food

2017 was the second warmest year ever recorded - behind only 2016

House Democrats introduce a bill to legalize marijuana and provide 'restorative justice' to communities impacted by the 'war on drugs'

How Trump's health report compares to the same doctor's assessment of Obama

Trump's doctor said he's 'fit for duty' but needs to lose 10-15 pounds

Scientists spent a month exploring the Gulf of Mexico's deep sea habitats - and the images they brought back are astonishing

Marijuana legalization could inject over $130 billion into US tax coffers by 2025 - if the Trump administration stays hands-off

Scientists found accessible ice sheets on Mars, and it could be a 'game-changer' for colonizing the planet

At least 17 people have been killed by extreme mudslides in California - here's why the situation has gotten so deadly

The Vermont Senate just passed a bill legalizing cannabis - a rebuke to Jeff Sessions' crackdown on marijuana

There's something strange happening with endangered green sea turtles in Australia, and scientists have figured out why

The US spent more money on weather disasters in 2017 than any year on record - here's the final total

Jeff Sessions has fired the first shot in his long-awaited crackdown on marijuana - and some investors see it as an opportunity

The Justice Department is rescinding critical rules directing the federal government to keep its hands off of states' legal marijuana

Here's when the 'bomb cyclone' will hit, how cold it will be, and how much snow will fall on the East Coast

The cold weather 'bomb' headed for the East Coast may be the 'worst you've ever seen,' according to a meteorologist

A 'cold-weather bomb' is bearing down on the East Coast - and it could deliver lots of snow and record-low temperatures

The biggest players in finance are factoring a new type of risk into their decisions - and it's long overdue

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