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Credit Suisse PowerPoint deck cuts to shreds Theresa May's position on Irish border problem

UK 'underemployment' is worse now than during the great financial crisis of 2008

The UK Treasury's Robert Jenrick talks to Business Insider about inequality, productivity, and whether he'd rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck

Putin might already have your Wi-Fi password

Sales data suggests Apple might be about to make the $1,000 iPhone X even more expensive

Apple's HomePod is too expensive, too limited, too late to market, and few people are buying it

The internet's worst-case scenario finally happened in real life: An entire country was taken offline, and no one knows why

Facebook could lose $2.8 billion of its revenues under GDPR

Man in charge of half the internet, who can never be fired from his job, says he is learning from his mistakes

Goldman Sachs dumps all over Apple's stock buyback plan

Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica two-and-a-half years ago but they didn't check

With acquisitions off the table and iPhone sales stalled, analysts now say Apple is preparing a massive stock buyback program

Apple pays its female staff up to 26% less than men in the UK

Instagram joins parade of major apps to abandon Apple Watch

POLL: A majority of British people regret voting for Brexit

Dozens of local TV news anchors were forced to recite a speech about 'false news' controlling 'exactly what people think'

No one thinks this is 'the end of Facebook' ... yet investors sense blood in the water

Tim Cook moves on from Steve Jobs' hatred of porn on the iPhone: 'I'm not making fun of it'

Emails link Peter Thiel's Palantir and Eric Schmidt's daughter to Facebook's Cambridge Analytica fiasco

Wall Street analysts have dramatically changed their tone on Facebook, and are now speculating about 'fundamental risk' and a 'negative feedback loop'

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