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Trump: 'Evil Thug' who bombed NYC will 'probably have room service' while in custody
The crazy series of events that brought down the suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings
NY Gov. Cuomo: 'I would not be surprised' if bombings had 'foreign connection'
White House press secretary: We're in a 'narrative fight' with ISIS
John Kerry takes jab at Trump in talk at UN summit
This is the name ISIS hates being called more than 'Daesh'
Clinton campaign unloads on Trump: 'Disgraceful,' 'appalling,' 'sickening'
TRUMP: 'President Barack Obama was born in the United States - period'
Clinton jokes that her pneumonia 'finally got some Republicans interested in women's health'
'It's great to be back': Clinton returns to campaign trail for first time since health episode
Trump says that when he looks in the mirror he sees 'a person who is 35 years old'
Another poll shows Trump and Clinton in a dead heat nationally
In tense interview, Ivanka Trump lashes out at Cosmopolitan reporter over 'negativity' in questions
TRUMP JUMP: Polls show Trump gain ground on Clinton nationally and in key swing states
Colin Powell roasted Donald Trump and his top military adviser in leaked emails
The ceasefire the US and Russia brokered in Syria is 'an Assad regime victory in disguise'
Hillary Clinton retweeted a woman's higher education concerns and got a very unexpected response
Rick Perry flopped on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Here's what happens if Hillary Clinton drops out of the presidential race
Campaign spokesman: Clinton will disclose more medical info, likely be back on trail by end of week
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