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Four earthquakes hit India and Nepal, no casualties

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Raigad in Maharashtra has to choose between the ‘inactive’ incumbent and someone being investigated for corruption

One of the driest parts of India has sent the same guy to Parliament for twenty years

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On Earth Day, these images from space portray the planet’s fragility and beauty

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High voter turnout marks India’s second phase of polling — aside from EVM malfunctions, violence at poll booths, and internet shutdowns

Election Commission of India launches ‘Voter Turnout’ mobile app

Here’s what the second phase of the Indian general election has in store for the 11 states polling today

Over a ton of gold seized a day ahead of polls shows the depth of the rot in Tamil Nadu

Job losses will haunt Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, as it goes to polls today

Wipro confirms phishing attack on its system — 11 other companies unknown

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