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A fresh wave of bad news haunts TikTok
Xiaomi has shut down the testing of its new phone features by users before launch
India hits back at US with added tariffs on 28 products including almonds, apples and walnuts — just ahead of Pompeo's visit
India wants to set up its own space station to carry out experiments in microgravity
Today’s top tech news: WhatsApp won’t tolerate bulk messaging, global tech companies want another shot at the India’s Data Protection Bill and Amazon’s training engineering students to code
WhatsApp can sue you for sending bulk messages
Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft want one more shot at convincing India before data protection bill reaches Parliament
Humans have been smoking marijuana for 2,500 years — and now, there's proof
Facebook will now pay you if you give access to your phone’s data
Today’s top tech news: Google and Flipkart as focusing on India on-ground as Zomato looks to the skies with Facebook paying users to access their data
The trash in outer space makes way for a new kind of map
Today’s top tech news: Indian companies battle biased visa rules, AMD hits a 13-year high and Honor launches three new smartphones in India
H-1B visas: US immigration seems to like certain companies more than others
Today’s top tech news: The Cricket World Cup vs IPL on Hotstar, Indian IT firms vs H-1B visas and Modi vs cash withdrawals
Rise in US H-1B visa rejection may force Indian tech companies to look at M&A
Today’s top tech news: Twitter worries over Bytedance, Spotify partners up with the Obamas and Facebook is next to shun Huawei
Spotify’s going to ‘Higher Ground’ with Barack and Michelle Obama
Our very own black hole in the Milky Way doesn’t quite eat up ‘everything’
Flipboard resets user passwords after recent data breach
Today’s top tech news: Apple’s trying to win over India and India’s trying to win over the G20 Summit
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