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Election Commission of India launches ‘Voter Turnout’ mobile app

Here’s what the second phase of the Indian general election has in store for the 11 states polling today

Over a ton of gold seized a day ahead of polls shows the depth of the rot in Tamil Nadu

Job losses will haunt Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, as it goes to polls today

Wipro confirms phishing attack on its system — 11 other companies unknown

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Amazon Music might soon be free for users as streaming wars continue in India

NASA discovers that meteoroids are depleting the moon’s water supply

Apple iPhone mass production is shifting from China to India — solving a key problem for the company

The world's largest plane that finally flew was Microsoft co-founder late Paul Allen's idea

Amazon Prime, Netflix face a new threat of language specific subscriptions from a local streaming player in India

Banned for hosting porn, TikTok cites damage to free speech in its appeal to India’s Supreme Court

Pentagon defends India's ASAT test in front US military oversight committee

Apple, Samsung and others have over $700 million worth of smartphones stuck at Indian customs for violating e-waste norms

US Immigration is denying more H1-B visas than ever before — without notice or authority

Not a single person turned up to vote in 15 polling booths in Odisha during the first phase of India’s election

The first phase of India's Parliamentary elections had its share of explosions, firearms, and bombs

Drones replace bulky choppers making India's elections fuel efficient

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