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An Indian engineering college has banned PUBG under the claim that its ‘spoiling the atmosphere of the hostel’ — but leaves women out of the conversation

Here’s why your phone needs its own bed — it’s time you tuck it in at night and say good night

Risky business: Indian smartphone users have a whopping 50 apps on a single device, and they're not even using half of them

There might finally be a phone in the budget segment that won’t break the first time you drop it

Urjit Patel’s tough love to stabilise the Indian economy and the eventual face off with the government — here’s how it happened

Facebook hits a new level of censorship and its users aren’t happy

Indian liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya to be extradited — CBI ‘hopes to see him soon’

Reserve Bank of India governor Urjit Patel resigns citing ‘personal reasons’

Indian diplomat walks out during SAARC summit, takes offence to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir minister’s presence

Flying drones in India may be 'legal' — but that doesn’t mean you’re getting doorstep deliveries

Apple isn't giving into the Indian government by introducing the DND app — it has found a middle ground

Gionee is on the verge of bankruptcy — and it’s about more than just its chairman allegedly gambling away $144 billion

Whatsapp, Google yet to fully comply with India’s data localisation norms despite repeated inquiries from the government

ASUS launches smartphone to make gaming experience ‘immersive’ — the first in its Republic of Gamers line-up

Spotify plans to launch in India in the next 6 months — and with an extended 30-day trial period for Indian users

Gender is a ‘big, big thing’ to get wrong — Google’s AI blocks pronouns like ‘him’ and ‘her’

China is launching a probe into Chinese researcher’s claim of creating the world’s first ‘genetically edited’ babies

India’s space agency is planning a massive launch of over 30 satellites this week, including one capable of ‘hyperspectral’ imaging

Google’s Family Link app just launched in India, and it's a glimpse of what parenting looks like in the modern age

Here's what WhatsApp India head will take on as it sets out to establish its first full country team

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