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Luxembourg doesn't want to claim €250 million from Amazon in back taxes

LinkedIn data suggests the UK isn't as reliant on EU tech talent as people think

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Google is opening a new AI research centre in China

Facebook and Twitter could reportedly be fined up to £20 million if they don't tackle online bullying

Activity app Strava is about to become more like a social network

Microsoft has set up an internal AI University to try and get around the skills shortage

SoftBank is reportedly considering a $300 million investment in DoorDash

Chinese bike sharing sharing startup Ofo has reportedly raised $1 billion

The UK government is giving AI startups access to serious computation power at a new 'Machine Intelligence Garage'

10 things in tech you need to know today

Tech giants are fighting to hire the best AI talent at the NIPS conference in LA this week

Shervin Pishevar defender reportedly says the investor couldn't have engaged in sexual misconduct at Uber party because he had a 'pony's leash in one hand and a drink in the other'

Amazon's 'Treasure Truck' is coming to the UK

Uber investor Shervin Pishevar denies claims by 5 women that he sexually harassed them

Google is touting 4Chan threads when people search for the Las Vegas shooter

Uber's board is reportedly thinking about stripping cofounder Travis Kalanick of his power

10 things in tech you need to know today

The US Air Force just flew bombers and jets off North Korea's coast in an epic show of force

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