'Batman v Superman' is already breaking box-office records with $27.7 million, even if critics hate it


batman v superman

Warner Bros.

"Batman v Superman."

Though most critics may hate it, so far general audiences are coming out in droves for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The film took in $27.7 million in its Thursday preview screenings, according to TheWrap.

That's the highest earner ever for a preview day leading up to Easter weekend.


The film, which pegs two of the biggest comic-book characters against one another, and touts the latest big-screen arrival of Wonder Woman, is on pace to hit the film's early projections of making around $150 million over the holiday weekend. It could have its sights on breaking the record for the biggest opening over Easter (currently held by "Furious 7" with $147 million) and perhaps the highest opening weekend for the month of March ("The Hunger Games" currently holds it with $152 million).

By Friday, the film will be playing in over 4,000 locations.

It should be noted, though, that if audiences find that they agree with critics, the spread of bad word of mouth could do serious damage to future box-office performance for the Warner Bros. blockbuster.


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