Bengaluru residents complain of Startup hubs disrupting their lives

When it comes to startups in India, you'll find many of them thriving in popular areas of Bengaluru where they can work. live and create a business easily. Startup garages are usually prized landmarks in any neighbourhood where the future is being built.

Unless they cluster by the dozens in residential localities which then could become irksome because of impending commercialisation threats and a likely cause of fight between residents and entrepreneurs.

That’s exactly what is beginning to happen in Bengaluru’s micro startup hubs of Koramangala, HSR Layout and Indiranagar, with vexed residents voicing their displeasure against startups joining forces with swarms of restaurants and pubs in redefining their once-residential localities. India’s startup capital is home to nearly 5,000 emerging businesses and many of them function out of the three hubs which is a violation of the city's zoning rules.


An example would be the 10th Main street in Indiranagar 2nd Stage has a road width of less than 30 ft. Perpendicular to this road is 4th Cross, which is as narrow. Both are categorised as ‘Residential Main’ in Bangalore Development Authority’s (BDA) Revised Master Plan-2015. But the two roads have more than 20 startups functioning out of independent houses-turned-offices.

One solution may be co-working spaces, which are becoming popular among young startups in the city. The state government is also creating affordable spaces for startups but these three areas remain the startups favorite places to reside.