Best Buy Employee Risks Job In Mission To Save A Nintendo Deluxe Set


A Best Buy employee is risking his job in a desperate attempt to save a Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe Set.

The worker took to Reddit to tell his tale.

A customer brought in the Nintendo set to get it recycled as part of Best Buy's "Renew Blue" sustainability initiative.


What was the big deal? Well, the set included R.O.B. (which stands for "Robotic Operating Buddy.")

R.O.B. was a short-lived accessory from the 1980s that has become fairly rare.

And the employee knew that R.O.B. had to be saved.


He asked the store manager if he could take it home, but was shot down. If he took the set home, he'd be fired, perhaps "by day's end," because it's against company policy.

So, according to his story on Reddit, he's now risking his job to get R.O.B. out of there.

"I tried everything I could at a store level to get the ok to take it ... but to no avail," he wrote.
"So now the gloves are off. I'm not letting him pull the plug on my Nintendo baby that is on life support, hidden from bad corporate policy."


He explained that he had put the items in a box and hid it in the warehouse behind some shelves. It should buy him a couple days to figure out what to do.

"You have to crawl through shelves to get here," he wrote. "Nobody goes back here."

It appears that he's all-in now.


"At this point this mission is a must," he wrote. "I'm doing it for everyone that's ever had a R.O.B."

We'll let you know how the worker's tale turns out.