Bihar exit poll 2019 for Lok Sabha Elections

Bihar Exit Poll
Party Names2014 ResultC -VoterTimesNow - VMR
BJP +283330
Congress +12710

The State of Bihar is located in Eastern India. This is the thirteenth largest state in India in terms of size and third largest in terms of population. Bihar shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, West Bengal and Jharkhand. The total number of eligible voters in the state as per the electoral rolls is 7,07,43,593 among whom, the males are 3,74,41,954 and females are 3,32,99,233.

The state of Bihar gave 22 Lok Sabha seats to the BJP during 2014 general elections. LJP won 6 seats and RJD had 4 seats during these elections with other parties securing 8 places. During 2009 general elections, the JD (U) got 20 seats leaving BJP with 12 seats, RJD with 4 places and other parties with 4 constituencies. RJD’s performance in the Lok Sabha elections 2004 was good as the party bagged 22 seats leaving 6 places for JD (U), 5 seats for BJP and 7 places for other candidates.


Bihar has a total number of 40 Lok Sabha constituencies. The reserved constituencies of the state are 6 that are earmarked for the scheduled castes. The state of Bihar can also represent 16 Rajya Sabha members. The number of assembly constituencies in the state are 244. The state voted for its last assembly elections in 2015. During the Lok Sabha elections 2019, Bihar went for polling in 7 phases.