Bill Gates: We Won't Be Rushed In Announcing Steve Ballmer's Replacement

Bill Gates

Business Insider/Julie Bort screenshot

To kick off Microsoft's annual shareholders meeting happening Tuesday, Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates got on stage almost immediately to address the elephant in the room:

When will Microsoft announce its next CEO?

The board met and discussed the candidates this week, he said, but an announcement wasn't coming today. And he said the board wouldn't be rushed.
Both he and Steve Ballmer are on the search committees and it's new territory for the company.

"In the entire 38-year history, we had only two CEOs. That alone makes us unusual," he points out.

Still news has to be coming soon. Ballmer announced his retirement in August and the company has promised to get a new CEO on board within the "next several months," Amy Hood, CFO said on stage. The company's turnaround can't get really going until they install a new leader to take them there.