Bill Maher unloads on the 'sick culture of wealth'


Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher unloaded on wealthy Americans for creating what he called a "sick culture of wealth" on his HBO show "Real Time" Friday evening.

"I'm sure the majority of rich people have always been greedy and selfish, but this crowd today takes it to a whole new level," the left-leaning Maher said. "Somehow it is not enough to spend lavishly on themselves. They have to actively take from others."

In his six-minute rant, Maher used the example of an American dentist's alleged slaying of a famous Zimbabwean lion to stress that Americans have an unhealthy obsession with wealth. 

"In the game of America where money counts for everything, this is how you let other people know you won," Maher said. "Because you did something horrible and stupid that only you could get away with."

"We always hear about the sick culture of poverty. What about the sick culture of wealth?" Maher added.


He cited more examples in his rant, such as Californians who refuse to reduce their water usage amid a devastating drought and presidential campaign donors in general.

Watch the full video below:

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