Brewers Announce That Stray Dog Has Made The Team


Hank the Dog

Getty Images

The Brewers have announced that a stray dog that had been adopted by the team as an unofficial mascot in recent weeks has made the team and will travel north to Milwaukee.


Hank the Dog, named after Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, started hanging out around the Brewers' spring training facilities in Phoenix, Arizona early in camp.

Members of the team quickly took to the little guy and now he has made the team as a "walk-on rover."

Hank has been a hit in spring training with the fans, posing for photographs and even participating in the team's famous sausage races, wearing his own hot dog costume (see second video below).

Hank will be adopted permanently by a Brewers executive.


Here is the video announcing that Hank has made the team.

Here is Hank in the sausage race.