Airtel and Hathway’s broadband plans are gearing up for Jio Fiber’s salvo

Airtel and Hathway’s broadband plans are gearing up for Jio Fiber’s salvo
Airtel is introducing new broadband plans to take on Jio Fiber's launch on 5 September 2019IANS

  • Jio Fiber will be introducing broadband plans at ₹700 with a minimum speed of 100 mbps today.
  • Bharti Airtel is planning to launch its own Android-based set top box with integrated services to counter Jio’s bundling.
  • Hathaway is already offering 100 mbps at ₹699 per month — but users have to buy in for at least three months.
Mukesh Ambani has done it again. Three years after he launched Jio at no cost for three months, he is heralding a new age of broadband with the promise of high speeds at rock-bottom prices.

So much so, before the launch of Reliance Jio today, his competitor Bharti Airtel launched a new set of plans to brace against the onslaught.

At Reliance Industries’ annual general meeting, Ambani promised a minimum speed of 100 mbps for Jio Fiber. He also said that his plans will start at ₹700 per month. Hathaway isn’t going to be left behind. The company’s new ‘Freedom Plan’ offers 100 mbps at ₹699 per month with a data cap of 1 TB.

But, here’s what most people don’t know — Reliance Jio owns 51.3% stake in Hathaway. Offering plans and tariffs at par with what Jio has to offer will only helping Reliance’s broadband with its last-mile connectivity, and help Ambani mop up the market at various price points.

Airtel, on the other hand, is scrambling to get to take Jio by launching a customised Android-based set-top box in September, according to the Economic Times. It wants to rival Jio’s smart set-top box with integrated access to streaming portals, virtual reality applications and interactive gaming.

Cheapest broadband plans on the table at 100 mbps:


Reliance JioHathawayAirtel
Speed100 Mbps100 Mbps100 Mbps
Price (per month)₹700 expected (actual price is yet to be announced)₹699 ₹1099
Fair usage policy (data cap)Unknown1 TB500 GB per month + 300 GB for six months

Smaller consumers by Hathaway

Where Jio will be taking on Airtel and other larger players, Hathaway which also has cable TV operations, will be able to push along users who are contemplating replacing television with data.

One way is by introducing a plan that’s offering half the speed at half the price. For users who feel like they don’t really need 100 mbps can opt for a 50 mbps plan at ₹399 without limits on data consumption.

Hathaway’s also offering 150 mbps plans at ₹1,499 per month with a data cap of 1TB.

The only catch is that Hathaway requires a minimum three-month subscription in other for users to sign up for its services.

Airtel’s plans are pricier but allows you to carry forward data

Airtel also has a broadband plan for ₹799 a month but it offers speeds of 40 mbps with data capped at 100GB. Airtel’s V-Fiber broadband is offering another 200GB of additional data for a span of six months within that plan — but it’s a mere fraction of what Jio and Hathaway have up for grabs.

Airtel could have a leg up on Jio, depending on the conditions of plans, since it allows users to carry forward any unused data.

If you’re looking for speed, Airtel’s 100 mbps plan costs ₹1099 per month with a data cap of 500GB and an additional 300GB for six months.

The devil could be in the terms and conditions

Jio hasn’t completely disclosed the details of its broadband plans and the many conditions that it could come with. It will have to rival Airtel’s 300 mbps plan pegged at ₹1599 per month that’s offering 600 GB and an addition 1TB for six months.

Ambani did disclose that Jio Fiber’s plans, while starting at ₹700, will have options that extend to up to ₹10,000 per month. But, Jio also intends to lock in users with annual plans, and this offer might only be available for a ‘limited’ period.

To connect to the services, Jio users will need to make security deposit of ₹4,500 and obtain the ONT device (GigaHub Home Gateway) provided by the company.

Those looking to switch internet services should also study the ability of their provider to offer top-notch service, which is essential for broadband services. At the end of the day, it would be bold to replace television with broadband as it all hinges on speed and quality.

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