Poll of the day

Do you think Budget 2016 was pro-growth?

Was Arun Jaitley’s decision to make no changes in tax slabs a good one in Budget 2016?

Did you expect more announcements to be made for entrepreneurs through Start-up India scheme in Budget 2016?

Did Arun Jaitley make a good decision by increasing prices of small and luxury cars in Budget 2016?

Will the decision to increase prices of cars, air travel and eating at restaurants in Budget 2016, negate your view of this government?

Do you think allowing additional tax exemption upto Rs 60,000 for rented accommodation was a good Budget 2016 decision?

Did you expect a tax slab exemption of atleast Rs 50,000 from Budget 2016?

Do you think Budget 2016’s focus on the rural/farm sector will be good for the economy?

Did Budget 2016 live upto your expectations?

Does the government’s focus on maintaining fiscal deficit at 3.5% in Budget 2016 sound realistic to you?

Do you think the recapitalisation fund of Rs 25,000cr is enough to pull the banks out of the bad-debt mess they are in?

Do you feel more encouraged to start your own business in India today?

Should Solar Power take front seat in budget allocation for Renewable energy?

Can India meet its 2022 renewable energy goal?

Has the Government allocated enough money for Renewable Energy?

Are Telecom license fees too high?

Should payments made for trading or sharing Spectrum be considered royalty?

Do we need clarity in Telecom Policies?

Are lower excise and customs duties on Hardware critical for 4G Penetration?

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