What India can take away from UK’s startup-friendly policies

There’s a reason why Indians prefer to start their businesses in foreign countries like the UK and Singapore. Owing to some of the most flexible policies they have in place, these countries offer just the perfect start—up the friendly environment to budding entrepreneurs from around the world.

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It’s no surprise then to see how these regions have become start-up hotbeds in a matter of few years. This is not to say that India lags far behind. NASSCOM 2015 report defines us as the country with the third biggest start-up ecosystem. We certainly have got some things right, but there’s a reason why US and UK remain ahead of us and it’s a lot to do with the kind of government framework they have for start-ups.

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To put things in perspective, we are comparing India’s startup policies with the U.K in this article to see what are the areas we lack in, and how we can make up to become the country with the biggest startup ecosystem: