List of 16 action points for doubling farmer's income by 2022 from Nirmala Sitharaman's budget speech

List of 16 action points for doubling farmer's income by 2022 from Nirmala Sitharaman's budget speech
Here's a list of 16 action points laid down by Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman.

1. Government to push for renewable energy through PM KUSUM scheme. 15 lakh additional pumps to be setup. Use of barren land for generation of solar power to be promoted.

2. Government to also push for water conservation in 100 water stressed districts.

3. Government to encourage states to takeup model agricultural laws.

4. Balanced used of all kinds of fertilizers, organic and synthetic/chemical fertilizers. This is a necessary step to stop the excessive use of chemical fertilizers. We want to promote the use of organic and innovative fertilizers and revise the incentives for chemical fertilizers.

5. Village storage schemes to be operated by SHGs. This will provide villagers better storage capacities. Women SHGs can use this opportunity to regain their position as "Dhan Lakshi" and they can avail Mudra loans for opening storage facilities. To build a national cold supply chain, Indian Railways will set up a Kisan Rail to transfer perishable goods easily. Krishi UDAN will be launched by Civil Aviation ministry to help north-east and tribal districts. NABARD to also take up geo-tagging of agricultural warehouses, cold storages and other inventories.


6. Adricultural credit avaulability to be set at 15 lakh crore.

7. Government aims to eliminate foot and mouth diseases in sheep and goats by 2025.


9. Horticulture sector with its current product of 311 million metric tonnes exceeds the production of food grains. Government will not take it to one product one district.

10. Zero budget natural farming: Online national organic products market is being strengthened.

11. Financing negotiable warehouse receipts

12. Non banking finance companies, active in the adricultural space, the NABARD credit scheme will be expanded. For this scheme, 1.5 lakh crore is set aside.

13. Reduce diseases in cattle. 14. 108 million metirc tonners of milk production to be increased to 108 million metric tonnes.


15. Proposed fish production to 200 lakh tonnes. Government will involve youth in fish production through more than 3000 ' sagar mitras'.

16. 58 lakh SHGs have been mobilised under poverty alleviation program.