From a leash on hospitals to targeted stimulus⁠— if eco survey is a cue for budget, here’s what you can expect

Jan 29, 2021

By: Sriram Iyer

​Private healthcare is no better than public sector

Govt must seriously consider a regulator for private hospitals and doctors

Credit: BCCL

​Data shows Patients at pvt hospitals likely to be admitted again

And, private hospitals charge way more than government ones for the same ailment

Credit: BCCL

​Govt must more than double health budget

It should rise to 2.5 to 3 percent of GDP from the current level which is less than 1 percent

Credit: BCCL

​Incentives for R&D unlikely

India needs more R&D spend for innovation but not from the government alone

Credit: BCCL

The government should not worry about debt and focus on growth

Credit: Business Insider India

​Expect stimulus to boost demand

Govt has already provided massive capital expenditure in the second half of 2020

Credit: BCCL

​The GDP growth is likely to be strong at 11 percent in FY22

If economy recovers on its own, the stimulus may be targeted at weak sectors

Credit: Business Insider

​Govt must spend until economy reaches pre-COVID level

Spending must focus on creating multiplier effect with every rupee spent by govt

Credit: BCCL

​Govt must spend in infrastructure

This leads to additional private investment as well

Credit: BCCL

​Growth is the best way to reduce poverty

85 percent of poverty reduction comes from growth, only 15 percent from redistributive policies

Credit: BCCL

The collapse of Evergrande, one of China’s largest home developers, is “not a Lehman moment” but the fear may haunt steel and metal stocks in India