Bounce Infinity E1 vs Ola S1 Pro – performance vs ease of use, which is better?

Apr 8, 2022

By: Rounak Jain


Bounce Infinity E1 – ₹59,999 with battery, ₹36,099 without battery | Ola S1 Pro – starting at ₹1,09,999.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

Subscription options

Bounce Infinity E1 – starting at ₹849 per month, ₹35 per battery swap | Ola S1 Pro – no subscription options.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

Top speed

Bounce Infinity E1 – 65km/h | Ola S1 Pro – 115 km/h.

Credit: Bounce-Ola


Bounce Infinity E1 – 85km | Ola S1 Pro – 135km.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

Battery capacity

Bounce Infinity E1 – 2kWh | Ola S1 Pro – 3.97kWh.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

Charging time

Bounce Infinity E1 – 4 hours | Ola S1 Pro – 6.5 hours.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

Other features

12-inch front and rear alloy wheels, dual disk brakes, Bluetooth connectivity, geo-fencing, location tracking, cruise control, reverse mode.

Credit: Bounce-Ola


Reservations underway for both the electric scooters. First deliveries of Bounce Infinity E1 from April 18.

Credit: Bounce-Ola


Bounce Infinity E1 – six colour options | Ola S1 Pro – ten colour options.

Credit: Bounce-Ola

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