Meet ‘Ekonk’ — India’s fastest electric car and the lightest in the world

Oct 26, 2021

By: Marcia Sekhose

India’s fastest electric car

Vazirani Automotive unveiled a new hypercar ‘Ekonk’ claimed to be India’s fastest electric car.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

Lightest EV in the world

Vazirani also claims that the Ekonk is the lightest electric car in the world weighing 738kg which is made out of carbon fibre.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

Open cockpit design

The Ekonk sports a classic speedster design with single seating and an open cockpit, much like a Formula 1 car.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive


Vazirani claims that its design team worked in coherence with an engineering team to create a car that generates very low aerodynamic drag.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive


The electric hypercar packs 722bhp and combined with its low weight, it can sprint from 0-100kph in just 2.54 seconds.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive


The car is so lightweight thanks to the solid-state direct cooling battery cooling solution or DiCo, which eliminates 70 per cent of cooling components that are found in traditional EVs.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

Meaning of Ekonk

The word ‘Ekonk’ is taken from the Indian scriptures, and it signifies the beginning of the divine light.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

Extending the Vazirani line-up

Vazirani unveiled its first hypercar ‘Shul’ back in 2018. Shul also has a carbon fibre body, and it’s a hybrid car that’s yet to be made commercially available.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

About Vazirani Automotive

Vazirani Automotive is a Mumbai-based company founded by Chunky Vazirani. It has so far unveiled two hypercars Shul and Ekonk and developed its battery technology called DiCo.

Credit: Vazirani-Automotive

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