Mahindra’s funster electric concept: what it is and what makes it interesting to car lovers

Mahindra’s funster electric concept: what it is and what makes it interesting to car lovers
Mahindra has always made towering claims about its EVs for quite some time even before the idea was prominently known in the Indian market. The carmaker is showcasing four of its offerings in the line of electric cars at Auto Expo 2020. On top of the list, the Funster Electric Concept is pulling the attention of car manic consumers. As per the statement made by Mahindra, the Funster Electric Concept will bestow an altogether different meaning to the drop-top SUVs. Also, the industry experts are of the opinion that this new concept championed by Mahindra provides us an idea about how the carmaker will design its upcoming all new gen XUV500.

What is funster electric concept

We can say that the Mahindra Funster Design Concept is much about the topless crossover. Unveiled recently at the Auto Expo 2020, the Funster concept comes as a prelude to Mahindra’s design language evolution. Some of the key exterior and interior design and style elements based on the Funster concept are figured on the Mahindra XUV500, the next generation offering that is eagerly anticipated. This model will be debuting sometime later in this year. As per what Mahindra conceives it, Funster approach to sports electric vehicles is based on play-for-fun character.

What to know about the Funster Design Concept

Talking in terms of powertrain, Mahindra’s Funster is claimed to have packed a 59.2kWh battery set up which can send power to the two electric motors with one found on each axle. The rate of power output of the dual electric motor is estimated at 313hp. The carmaker says the Funster convertible SUV concept can assure 0-100kph time under 5 seconds. The range that Mahindra claims is 520km and the company says the top speed will stand at 200kph.


The top features to expect in the second generation XUV500 coming up

  • The vehicles that will be based on Funster EV will provide a range of 520 km per charge as claimed by Mahindra.
  • The members in this line of offerings will come with dual electric motor, AWD that is set up with 313PS of power.
  • As per the claim made by the car manufacturing giant, the Funster can attain a speed of 100 km within 5 seconds.
  • This making features roadster styling, huge proportions and next generation EV characteristics.
What will be new with the offering based on Funster concept

The new generation SUV500 which is a four-seater sports is expected to become the car manufacturer’s new lighting signature. The car will have an inverted L-shaped DRL and three barrel LED headlamps. Since this is an electric vehicle, the Funster model will cease to have the traditional seven-slot grille but will replace it with color changing lights based on virtual elements. The face of the car will show up fog lights combining three pieces. There will be a sharply chiseled chin splitter that will sport the Funster badge with illumination. Some of the highlights of the exterior design elements include windshield without a frame, sturdy metal design, finned alloy wheels, and a giant LED tail light running to the entire width of the car.