Space does matter – Two most practical 7 seaters in India

Space does matter – Two most practical 7 seaters in India
Renault TriberRenault
A lot has been said about the ‘big, fat Indian families’. And, they all like to travel together. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the ‘number of seats that a car offers’ is on the top of the list for many car buyers.

Tatas and Mahindras have been catering to this segment for a long time, but there have been updated versions with more challengers coming in this way. Let’s take a look at the facelifted versions of the two such classic cars in the category and pin it against a foreign car player who too is getting to the ‘sensible car’ segment.

Let’s go with the challenger first which is Renault Triber that closed in seven seats into a car that is categorized under the hatchback segment. But it is not any other big car. It has cleverly brought in some SUV-like features into the design. For one, it is much higher from the ground, has a cuff-plate in the front, and its rails also add to its imposing presence.

But the key takeaway from this car would be ‘space’. For a smaller car that offers a lot of seating, the space of its rear end seats are fairly good, though it would suit two passengers better than three. These seats can be folded to create more boot space. The mid row also sports good legroom and the rear AC vents ensure that the car is well aired.

The car also offers much more storage space meant for the larger number of passengers like two glove compartments in the front, and other smaller yet useful spaces like a tray under the AC vents and much more.

However, the French automaker did make design sacrifices to ensure this extra space with the much smaller one litre petrol engine. Its power delivery is flat which works in city traffic, but with a full seven passenger load, its performance might fall further. Its suspension is made for bad roads and checks in the effect of bumps but the engine turns coarse and noisier at higher speeds.


Yet, for those looking for extra room in their car at a good price, Renault Triber which starts at ₹4.9 lakhs, this car could be a good choice.

The list of best SUVs in India is incomplete without the re-launched BS6 variant of Mahindra Bolero, one of the carmaker’s best selling utility vehicles in its wide portfolio.

Those who expect too much modernization might be a tad disappointed but it looks far from the contemporary looks of the many new SUVs launched into the market. Yet, its classic SUV appeal is maintained for those who like squared and commanding looks. The fact that it is used by the police itself is a testament of the intimidation levels of this model.

The new version sports a clam shell design with square headlamps replete with Halogen lights, turn indicator with fog lamps below.

The last row of side seats are not as useful as it scores low on the headroom and legroom. The middle row is much better yet its seats are very basic bench seats with a foldable arm-rest. Its front row seats have much better legroom but its other features have not been updated. Its audio system is very old school with an FM radio and bluetooth speakers. Since it’s marketed to a tier-2 audience who use it as a utility vehicle, its lack of features come as no surprise.

Due to its height it offers a good view of the road and otherwise, and the 1.5 liter diesel engine with 75 horsepower though not comparable to most other Mahindra models like Mahindra XUV 300. Its rear wheel drive causes a bit of bodyroll but since it’s a fairly light car, its drive comfort is quite good, and comes a price of ₹7.76 lakhs.