All you need to know about the latest Tork Motors e-bikes — KRATOS and KRATOS-R

Jan 28, 2022

By: Marcia Sekhose


The Kratos e-bike is priced at ₹1.08 lakh, and the Kratos-R at ₹1.23 lakh.

Credit: Tork-Motors


Kratos-R offers a maximum speed of 105 kmph while Kratos can go up to 100 kmph.

Credit: Tork-Motors


Both the e-bikes are powered by the Axial Flux motor and pack a 4kWh TORK LLION battery.

Credit: Tork-Motors

Max power

With the Kratos-R you get a maximum power of 9 kW, and 7.5 kW on the regular variant.

Credit: Tork-Motors

Riding modes

Both the e-bikes offer 180 kms on ideal condition, 120 kms on eco mode, 100 kms on city mode, and 70 kms on sports mode.

Credit: Tork-Motors


Kratos-R and Kratos can be fully charged within 4 to 5 hours while the former supports fast charging that gives 80 per cent power in an hour.

Credit: Tork-Motors


The e-bikes come with features such as multi-drive mode, reverse mode, front storage box, battery indicator, safe home feature, crash alert and anti-theft system.

Credit: Tork-Motors


You get daytime running lights (DRL), a hazard light and guide me home lights with the Kratos e-bikes.

Credit: Tork-Motors


The Tork Motors e-bikes run on the TIROS operating system that has 4G support. You can also get in-app navigation, and battery levels on the smartphone.

Credit: Tork-Motors

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