After groceries in 10 minutes, most Indians want their shoes delivered in 2 hours

After groceries in 10 minutes, most Indians want their shoes delivered in 2 hours
  • With the arrival of quick commerce platforms, Indian shoppers are getting used to faster services and they want a similar experience for all the products.
  • As per a Wunderman Thompson Commerce report, after UAE, India is the most impatient country when it comes to online shopping.
Looks like Indians are getting used to quick commerce deliveries that bring them groceries in ten minutes. Now, they want a similar experience for all the products they shop for online – be it clothes, shoes or even gadgets.

As per a new study conducted by ecommerce consultancy Wunderman Thompson Commerce across 18 international markets, Indian shoppers rank second among the most impatient online shopping. The most impatient online shoppers are from UAE.

On an average, global consumers are happy to wait for 2.36 days for the products they ordered online. But, 46% of Indian shoppers said they expect their products to be delivered within 2 hours.

“I can binge on Bridgerton, transfer money, consult a doctor, or send a WhatsApp instantly – so why canʼt I get my Air Jordans delivered in less than an hour? Expectations around delivery in retail are high not just because of Jeff Bezos, but because of the innovations of every consumer company in the last ten years,” said Daniel Hulme, ceo - Satalia and chief AI officer, WPP.

The trend of getting food, groceries and others within a matter of minutes has changed the expectations of Indians in general. That has started spreading to all online orders as well. While online shopping helps save money and offers an array of products, it doesn’t provide the instant gratification that shopping provides – which is a gap that most shoppers hope will be filled soon.


“Expectations donʼt exist in silos, or sector by sector. They're the result of a consumerʼs collective experience across every aspect of their life, from media consumption to banking,” added Hulme.

Men are more impatient than women

While Indians are the worst of the lot, impatience is inching up across the world. The proportion of consumers who expect less than two-hour deliveries has gone from 4% to 24% in just a year, globally.

Men are more impatient shoppers than women, with 28% expecting delivery in less than 2 hours versus 21% of women.

Apart from faster delivery, consumers also expect easy returns and availability. Also, 72% of Indian consumers believe that retailers need to get better at giving them the products, services and experience they want when shopping online. The report said that Indians find shopping boring and wish the online experience was more entertaining.

Indians are also notorious when it comes to product returns – they return 41% of what they buy – a lot more than the next country on the list which is USA – where returns were at 34%.