Amul milk price increased – here’s how much Amul and others are selling milk for

Feb 3, 2023

By: Sourabh Jain

Amul announces price hike

Amul has announced a price hike of ₹3 per liter and with this, the company’s most affordable option is now available for ₹54 per liter.

Credit: BCCL

Amul new milk prices in India

Amul is now selling a liter of Taaza milk for ₹54, Gold for ₹66, Cow milk for ₹56, and A2 Buffalo milk for ₹ 70.

Credit: Canva

Amul attributes the price hike to increased costs

Amul has said that the price has been increased due to an overall increase in the cost of operation and production of milk.

Credit: Canva

Milk prices of other companies

In this post, we look at the milk prices of some of the other major dairy companies in the country.

Credit: Canva

Nandini milk price

Nandini, India’s second largest milk union, sells its double-toned milk for ₹38, toned milk for ₹39, homogenized toned milk at ₹40, homogenized cow milk at ₹44, special milk for at 45, Shubham at ₹45, Samruddhi at ₹50 and Santrupthi at ₹52 per liter.

Credit: BCCL

Mother Dairy milk price

After a price hike in December 2022, Mother Dairy is selling its double-toned milk at ₹47, toned milk at ₹51, cow milk at ₹55, and full-cream milk at ₹66.

Credit: BCCL

Heritage milk price

Heritage, one of the biggest dairy companies in South India, sells toned milk for ₹56, standardized milk at ₹64, and full-cream milk at ₹72.

Credit: Heritage

Vijaya milk price

Vijaya, a major dairy company in South India, sells toned milk at ₹55, cow milk at ₹56, standardized milk at ₹59, and whole milk at ₹69.

Credit: Vijaya

AAVIN milk price

AAVIN sells toned milk for ₹43, standardized milk for ₹47, and full-cream milk for ₹51.

Credit: BCCL

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