​Amul vs Nandini: How the dairy giants compare in terms of price, product types and more

Apr 11, 2023

By: Srishti Magan

​Amul announces plan to enter Karnataka​

The country’s largest milk and dairy cooperative, Amul, announced its plan to enter Karnataka - and was met with fierce opposition. Currently, Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation’s (KMF) Nandini brand dominates milk consumption in the state. Here’s how the two compare:

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​Price of 1 litre toned milk​

There’s a considerable difference between Amul and Nandini’s milk prices. Amul is selling 1 litre of toned milk at ₹54 in Delhi and ₹52 in Gujarat, while Nandini’s price is ₹39 per litre in Bengaluru.

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Price of 1 litre full-cream milk

Amul offers full-cream milk through Amul Gold, priced at ₹66 per litre in Delhi, and ₹64 in Gujarat. On the other hand, Nandini’s full-cream milk is priced at ₹50 in Bengaluru but for 900 ml.

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​Price of curd​

The price of curd from Nandini is ₹47 per kg, cheaper by ₹20 compared to Amul’s ₹67 per kg.

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​Types of milk

Amul has 13 different types of milk on offer, excluding flavoured milk. Excluding flavoured milk, Nandini has 18 types of milk - including state-specific versions of milk. For example, Nandini Pasteurised Full-Cream Milk-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States and Nandini Pasteurised Full-Cream Milk-Tamil Nadu state.

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​Products on offer

Other than milk and curd, both Amul and Nandini also offer flavoured milk, buttermilk, milk powder, ghee, cheese, paneer, butter, ice cream and chocolates.

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​Milk producer members​

Amul, which was founded in 1955, today has 3.64 million milk producer members. KMF, founded in 1974, has 2.4 million milk producer members at present.

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​Average milk collection

KMF procures 8.26 million litres per day, while Amul procures 26.3 million litres per day.

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​Annual turnover

Amul’s annual turnover in FY22 was ₹46,481 crore, whereas KMF reported an annual turnover of ₹19,784 crore in FY22.

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