Best companies for women in India as per Great Place to Work report

Sep 30, 2022

By: Vaamanaa Sethi


Number of employees: 2.8 lakh | The IT services company tops the list of best workplaces for women in India. Its employees say that it is goal-oriented and has a unique approach to solving problems.

Credit: Accenture


Number of employees: 13,734 | People working in the company say it is an amazing place to work since it offers a great working environment, culture and with a lot of innovative and challenging work.

Credit: Cisco

Ford Motor

Number of employees: 7,814 | The American automobile manufacturer has also been named as one of the best companies to work for women. The employees think that it is a human-centered organization which provides good experiences.

Credit: Ford-Motor

H&R Block

Number of employees: 786 | This global consumer tax services provider was founded by Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955. The employees report that it is a great place to grow one's career.

Credit: HR-Block


Number of employees: 7,232 | The reason why HP is known as a great company is because the management genuinely cares for its employees and their needs. Several benefits are given to employees to maintain work-life balance, the report says.

Credit: HP

Pitney Bowes

Number of employees: 618 | The global technology company which provides commerce solutions has taken several initiatives to retain and ensure their employees stay motivated.

Credit: Pitney-Bowes


Number of employees: 6,382 | The cloud-based software company, reportedly, helped its employees during Covid – like sourcing and donating PPEs, ensuring their safety and well-being through the pandemic.

Credit: Salesforce

Synchrony International

Number of employees: 4,139 | The company offers a vast array of employee wellness amenities including a gym, spa, multicuisine cafeterias, laptop treadmills and themed breakout zones on each floor.

Credit: Wikipedia


Number of employees: 2,583 | Global software consultancy company is known for its working environment and management’s behaviour towards its employees.

Credit: Wikipedia


Number of employees: 13027 | The company is ranked as a great place to work as the management is competent and keeps a check on the pulse of its employees and customers.

Credit: Wikipedia

Great Place to Work report 2022

The ranking has been given by the Great Place to work for women in 2022 in India on the basis of experiences of women employees shared.

Credit: Great-Place

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