Don’t miss Rana Daggubati speak about the future of storytelling at the Global Trends Festival 2020

Don’t miss Rana Daggubati speak about the future of storytelling at the Global Trends Festival 2020
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Rana Daggubati dons many hats in the creative field of movie-making, and he is all set to drive the future of storytelling, digitally. Behind the ‘larger-than-life’ image of Baahubali lies another facet of Rana Daggubati — that of a suave businessman. He has struck a balance between box-office success and critical acclaim and credits this to his love for stories.

Apart from being an actor across Tollywood and Bollywood alike, he is also a TV show host who is in tune with the industry's pulse. His passion for tech also means he is ahead of the curve when it comes to creating new ventures. Rana believes that Virtual Reality (VR) offers a lot of potential, and he wants to explore this space more. While he is also responsible for new media at one of South India’s most famous studios, Suresh Productions, he also partnered with Anthill Studios – an accelerator programme for tech startups dedicated to the media, entertainment industry.

In the last seven months, Rana has been charting new paths for his production house. As the film industry also gears up to get back to full-fledged shoots, his studio is offering apt services like quarantining an entire shooting team within the studio until they finish a schedule and much more.

At the Global Trends event, Rana will speak about the future of storytelling. While his movie Baahubali has set a trend of good quality visual effects, Indian movie-making has only scratched the surface in this department. His keen interest in technology and the many hats he dons as a producer, actor, and studio owner puts him in a unique position to drive the new wave of digital change in the industry.


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