From digital shagun at a wedding to digital donation — unique use cases for Paytm go viral on social media

From digital shagun at a wedding to digital donation — unique use cases for Paytm go viral on social media
Paytm has been at the forefront of the digital payments revolution in India, furthering the government’s Digital India vision. And the widespread use of Paytm in India shows that many are embracing the convenience and ease of digital payments, even at important cultural events. This has resulted in some unique use cases for Paytm’s pioneered QR-based payment solution, some of which have gone viral recently.

Many families are now turning to Paytm to send and receive money as shagun or gift money at weddings, eliminating the need to carry cash and also providing a sense of security to both the sender and receiver. It is evident that Paytm is playing a key role in redefining the way transactions are conducted in India.

Last week, Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared a video on Twitter that shows a guest at a wedding ceremony using Paytm to make a payment to a person playing the dhol.

It has gone viral, garnering over 14,000 likes and 3.4 lakh views.

In the video, a guest can be seen swirling his phone around the groom's head in a customary manner before proceeding to scan the Paytm QR code and offering money to the drummer.


“शादी में डिजिटल शगुन, Digital India का विस्तार", tweeted the union minister along with the video. The caption translates to, “Digital Shagun in marriage, expansion of Digital India.”

The video has been widely shared and praised for showcasing the seamless integration of technology and tradition in modern India.

In another example of such integration, a video shared by a Twitter user shows how devotees can use Paytm to offer digital donations at temples.

The man in the video scans a Paytm QR to make an instant payment of 1 rupee after his prayer. Recently, another picture shared by an Instagram user shows a flower seller accepting payments with Paytm’s all-in-one QR.

The user captioned the image, “The story of India's digital payment revolution is incredible! hats off to whoever initiated the project and the team which executed this massive project!!!”

What’s more special? Paytm added a unique and personal touch to the payment process. The QR code sticker used by the flower seller came with the Gayatri Mantra printed on it, providing personalization to the small business owner.

Such viral videos and images are a testament to Paytm's efforts to make cashless transactions mainstream and accessible to everyone. It serves as a reminder of the convenience and ease of using Paytm for making payments and how the app is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. These are just a few examples of Paytm enabling digital payments as part of its mission to bring half a billion Indians to the mainstream economy.

So, the next time you are at a wedding or at a temple, make sure to keep your Paytm app handy.
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