Gauri Khan & Manish Malhotra to design homes that will combine beauty with sustainability

Jul 14, 2022

By: Bhakti Makwana

Celebrity-designed homes

Gauri Khan and famous designer Manish Malhotra have collaborated with Bonito Designs, a premium interior design company, to curate bespoke homes for its first 199 customers.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

First come, first served

The first 199 lucky customers of Bonito Designs could get their homes designed by celebrity artists.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Bonito Designs

The interior designing firm has a presence in Mumbai and Bangalore. It is looking to enter Pune in the current fiscal, and expand to Hyderabad, NCR and Chennai in the next 18 months.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Making home interiors more sustainable

“Apart from the glamour and glitz, it (home interior) has to be sustainable, it has to be environmentally friendly, materials should be amazing but can actually be durable. We work on multiple factors apart from making it look superficially beautiful,” Gauri Khan told Business Insider.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

“Luxury is in good company’’ – Manish Malhotra

“It’s thrilling and exciting to extend my horizon, in association with my dear friend Gauri Khan, to bring fashion into home interiors – a favourite category of mine. Bonito Designs makes it possible for me to bring exclusivity and uniqueness to the homes of many. Luxury is in good company.”

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Going organic

“On the sustainable front, we are using a lot of greenery, a lot of organic materials, avoiding plastic, just materials in today’s day and age, just going very organic even in whatever fabrics we use,” said Gauri Khan.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Film stars and premium clients

Khan has so far designed homes, offices and creative spaces for top Bollywood celebrities like Karan Johar, Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. With the collaboration, the brand will be able to reach more premium clients.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Going pan India

Gauri Khan Design is expected to go beyond Mumbai and work with clients across India with this collaboration .

Credit: Bonito-Designs

Pret line opening soon

Gauri Khan revealed that her pret line for interior designing products is about to launch very soon.

Credit: Bonito-Designs

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