Go First flight cancellations make summer travel and vacations expensive

May 4, 2023

By: Rounak Jain

Flight fares soar along with rising mercury

Along with the rising mercury, flight fares in popular sectors of Go First have doubled in some cases after the low-cost airline announced cancellation of flights on May 3 to May 9. It has also suspended ticket sales till May 15.

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Average round trip fares see a sharp increase

It would be an expensive summer vacation for flyers now as average fares across the sector rose after the budget airline cancelled flights. As per Google Flights, the flight prices for a round trip economy class ticket rose sharply between May 4 to May 10 as compared to the week before.

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These are the most popular sectors of Go First

According to Cirium, a data analytics firm in the aviation sector, Delhi-Srinagar, Delhi-Leh, Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Pune and Delhi-Ahmedabad are the most popular sectors of Go First covering favourite summer destinations along with business routes.

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Mumbai-Goa fares more than double

The Mumbai-Goa sector, where Go First has a share of 38.2 percent of total flights in May, the fares more than doubled from ₹5,000 last week of April to ₹11,408 in the May 4-May 10 week for round trips.

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Delhi-Srinagar fares have doubled

Popular summer destination Srinagar has also seen round trip fares rise from an average of ₹12,500 for a Delhi-Srinagar flight, to ₹25,084. Go First has a 22.3 percent market share in this sector.

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Delhi-Leh also witness a huge increase

Round ticket prices for Delhi-Leh have risen sharply from an average of ₹20,250 to ₹38,808. Go First has a market share of 22.4 percent in this sector.

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Delhi-Pune flights get dearer

Prices of a round trip flight ticket between Delhi and Pune have increased from an average of ₹10,500 to ₹14,420. The rise is significant but still not as sharp, since Go First has a relatively less market share of 15.4 percent in this sector.

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Delhi-Ahmedabad fares relatively less impacted

Similarly, Delhi-Ahmedabad fares are less impacted, with ticket prices increasing from ₹7,850 to ₹9,505 on average. Go First has a market share of 15 percent in this sector.

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Go First flight cancellations leave passengers and crew stranded

Go First has extended its flight cancellations from May 3 and May 4 initially to May 9 now, leaving passengers as well as its crew stranded. The company’s staff has also reportedly received March salaries towards the end of April, and concerned employees are now looking for new job opportunities.

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