Hear and learn from Byju Raveendran, the man who made online classes fun, years before COVID, at the Global Trends Festival 2020

Byju Raveendran - Founder & CEO, Byju'sBusiness Insider Global Trends Festival
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Millions of Indians right from villages to high rises are now pilot testing an idea that Byju Raveendran had, at least nine years back. His eponymous app provides deep and catchy insights on syllabi and delivers it digitally. During the pandemic, his first-mover advantage has been paying off very well.

While parents and teachers alike struggle to gain young students' attention, Byjus has hit a homerun long back. On its early learning app, they are taught by Frozen's Anna, Moana, and Lion King's Simba, after the former struck a deal with Disney.

As a young student who 'enjoyed' studying and solving Math problems, Byju created this content to bring Indian students out of the rut of rote learning and memorizing. This philosophy has over 4.5 million takers who are paid users on his app.

Now one of India's youngest billionaires, Raveendran, is all set for a meteoric rise as his subscriber base jumped by a million during the lockdown. In April, Byjus clocked in a massive Rs 350 crore in revenue, despite offering free access to its content. Raveendran had hoped that this amount would only double in the months to come.

Byju's is also the second-highest valued Indian startup with an $11 billion valuation after having raised over a billion dollars in this year alone.

But the best of the times are yet to come. Long after the virus is gone and normalcy returns, Raveendran hopes that a blended online and offline learning format will be practiced by educators worldwide.

At the Global Trends Festival 2020, Raveendran will speak on "Right Idea at the Right Place at the Right Time' in a fireside chat about his own business, edtech as a sector, and how it will shape up in a post-Covid world.


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