Indigo flies the most passengers abroad — check out Air India, Spicejet’s share

May 13, 2022


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A positive sign for the aviation industry

The aviation industry structure has incrementally consolidated, but the demand centers have expanded, according to ICICI Securities’ latest report. The brokerage believes that this consolidation and expansion present positive signs.

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Indigo takes the top spot for international travel

The top two airline groups in India hold almost 65 percent of India’s overall domestic market, which was spread among three airlines in 2016. Indigo takes the top spot in terms of international flights. Air India and Air India Express are the second and third biggest in FY2022, till February.

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Budget airline Indigo currently operates over 74 domestic and 24 international destinations — including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Bangkok to name a few. The company handled 30 percent of the international passenger mix in the fiscal year 2022. | FY2016: 9 percent | FY2022: 30 percent

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Air India

Air India, which was re-acquired by Tata Group last year, operates over 70 international and 100 domestic destinations. | FY2016: 31 percent | FY2022: 29 percent

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Air India Express

Air India Express is an Indian low-cost airline headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. It operates in over 30 destinations in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia. | FY2016: 14 percent | FY2022: 23 percent

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Gurugram-based SpiceJet operates 46 flights across India and international destinations. | FY2016: 7 percent | FY2022: 8 percent

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Jet Airways

Jet Airways shut down in 2019 and is now all set to make a re-entry into the market this year. The company also appointed Sanjiv Kapoor as its new chief executive officer (CEO) last month. | FY2016: 40 percent | FY2022: 0 percent

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Tata launched full-service airline Vistara back in 2013 and it operated in 33 destinations including 4 international destinations as of 2019. | FY2016: 0 percent | FY2022: 4 percent

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Go First, founded as Go Airways, is an ultra-low-cost airline based in Mumbai. The airline currently operates across 22 destinations 92 daily flights and approximately 638 weekly flights. | International passenger mix in FY2016: 0 percent | International passenger mix in FY2022: 6 percent

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