RattanIndia acquires 100 percent stake in Revolt Motors, here is all you need to know about e-mobility startup

Jan 16, 2023

By: BI India Bureau

Creating green mobility

Revolt Motors began its commercial operations in 2019, co-founded by Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma. It has a manufacturing facility in Manesar, Haryana, with a presence in over 25 cities in India. The Revolt Motors bikes claimed to have completed over 20 crore km on Indian roads.

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RM electric bikes run at 1/10th of a petrol bike

Revolt Motors has expanded its footprint pan-India with 30 dealerships spread across the country. Their electric bikes run at 1/10th of a petrol bike, the company statement claims.

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About Revolt RV400

Revolt Motor’s RV400 costs ₹1.25 lakh and covers a distance of 150 km with a single charge that lasts 4.5 hours. It runs on 3.24kWh lithium-ion batteries with 0 percen fuel residue, offering a speed of 85 km per hour.

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Revolt RV400 specifications

The e-bike has three ride modes- eco, normal, and sports. It is also enabled with 4G connectivity, LED light, and a fully-digital LCD instrument cluster. It offers four options to customize the bike’s sound- Revolt, Rage, Roar, and Rebel.

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Discontinued RV300 bike

In July 2021, Revolt Intellicorp sold all its RV300 e-bikes to Jubilant Foodworks-owned Pizza restaurant chain Domino’s to convert their petrol bikes into an electric vehicle fleet for delivery. It plans to launch another e-bike, Revolt Motors RV1, in its place.

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Acquired by RattanIndia Enterprises

Earlier in 2021, RattanIndia provided funding of 150 crores to Revolt Motors to acquire 43 percent of the company’s stake. On January 14, 2023, it became the company’s sole owner with a 100 percent stake.

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RattanIndia on Revolt Motors

“The country needs environmentally sustainable mobility solutions, and Revolt will surely be a leader. We are fully geared up to make Revolt the largest EV motorcycle company in India,” Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson, RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd., said.

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Total funding raised

According to analyst-led company Tracxn, the e-bikes developer Revolt Motors has raised total funding of $20 million over one round till December 2022.

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India’s expanding two-wheeler market

According to a Mint report, nearly 13 million two-wheeler EVs are expected to be sold by 2030. An estimated one million EVs were sold last year alone.

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