Parle, Amul and Britannia are the most chosen FMCG brands of India in 2021: Kantar report

Jul 29, 2022

By: Soniya Tiwari

The Kantar report ranks the Most Chosen FMCG Brands

based on Consumer Reach Points (CRP). CRP takes into account a brand’s reach in the country, overall penetration and purchase frequency.

Credit: Canva


Recently, IndiGo's MD Rahul Bhatia was seen enjoying Parle-G with tea in flight. People across strata of societies are fond of the Parle biscuit. Even on Kantar’s list, Parle has managed to hold the first spot for 10 years in a row with consumer reach points (CRP) of 6531 million points.

Credit: Parle-Products


The Indian dairy brand is consumed by millionaires in big cities as well as by autorickshaw drivers living in small towns. The brand secured second position with a CRP of 5561 million.

Credit: Wikipedia


Whenever an Indian reaches out for a biscuit to dip in his tea, there is a good chance that it is a Britannia. The brand is available even in the smallest rural villages of India. The consumer reach point of Britannia is 5370 million.

Credit: BI

Clinic Plus

The hair care brand Clinic Plus is one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies. The main advantage of Clinic Plus against other shampoo brands is that it comes in small sachets and is affordable. Its CRP is 4506 million.

Credit: Clinic-Plus

Tata Consumer Products

FMCG giant Tata Consumer Products grabbed the fifth position on consumer reach points, that is it has the highest reach, penetration, and purchase frequency, with 2723 million points.

Credit: Tata-Consumer-Products


Ghadi’s affordable pricing has made it most preferred among the masses by the consumers. The brand ranked sixth on the list with a CRP of 2315 million.

Credit: Wikipedia


Nandini, a new entrant, is the second largest dairy co-operative amongst the dairy cooperatives in the country. It scored CRP of 2278 million

Credit: Wikipedia


Dental brand Colgate ranked eighth on the list with CRP of 2134 million

Credit: Colgate


Aavin from the house of Co-operative Milk Producers' Federations in India, scored consumer reach point share of 2024 million.

Credit: Aavin


Lifebuoy’s red chunky bar has helped it become the tenth favourite FMCG brand, with highest reach with consumer reach points of 1896 million.

Credit: Lifebuoy

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