What Is The Concept Of Swiggy Partner, How It Works?

What Is The Concept Of Swiggy Partner, How It Works?
The founders of Swiggy have spotted a big gap in the online food ordering segment and delivery services in India. Swiggy partner is the business partnership model the company has created that aims to achieve a mutually beneficial business model for Swiggy and its partners.

Who are the key Partners of Swiggy?

The most important partners of Swiggy consist of restaurants and shops. Those restaurants that like to utilize food delivery services to customers for foods on-demand can immensely benefit from this Swiggy partnership model. Also other than the eateries, the other partners of Swiggy are shops like grocers and pharmacies that wish to offer their services and products as Swiggy’s partners.

Grocery chains like Sodhi Super Marche, Garg Dastak, and Best Basket are some of the partners of Swiggy. The company is in talks with other online pharmaceutical companies like MedPlus, Medlife, PharmEasy, and Myra to enter into partnership with them.

Delivery service providers who can act as delivery suppliers can partner with Swiggy. These partners can choose to work full time or can also do a freelancing job. Swiggy pays these delivery partners, Rs 4 for the first 4 kms and pays them Rs 6 per km after they have travelled 4 kms. During unseasonal weather like heavy rains, the delivery partners are paid Rs 20 extra. Based on their performance they also get some attractive incentives.


How the Swiggy partner system works?

The Swiggy partner business model works on the concept of operating a hyper-local on-demand food delivery business. Swiggy plays the crucial role of bridging the gap between the restaurants and other providers and customers.

The highly innovative app launched by Swiggy works as the single point of contact for all the stakeholders involved in the partnership business model.

Urban based food lovers can order for their favorite foods on the Swiggy app and get them delivered right at their doorstep. The app displays a long list of restaurants and their menus to choose from with their prices.

In addition to accumulating restaurants, Swiggy also has its own fleet of delivery partners. They gather the orders from partner restaurants and deliver them in less than half an hour.

Swiggy works with a duel-partnership model. Restaurants can receive more orders from their customers using the Swiggy app. When the order is placed, Swiggy partners will know it. Now they have to prepare the order and hand over to the Swiggy delivery boys. Since the restaurant partnering with Swiggy need not use its delivery personnel, it stands to save on the costs and efforts.

When the order is placed, the Swiggy drivers in the vicinity get a broadcast signal on their Swiggy app. They are free to take up the order or not as per their convenience. If they accept the order, they need to pick up the ordered food or product from the provider and deliver it on the customer’s doorstep.

The principal customers of Swiggy include those who want to order food online and get their requirements delivered at their doorstep.