Firing at Byju’s backed WhiteHat Jr, Toppr and 10 others left 2,000 out of jobs in June

Jul 5, 2022

By: BI India Bureau

11,600 people have been fired this year

Indian startups have laid off a little over 11,600 people in the last six months as the flow of capital is expected to remain dry for the next 18-24 months. The sector left 1,961 out of jobs in the month of June alone.

Credit: Canva

WhiteHat Jr | 300

WhiteHat Jr fired 300 employees from its team in June, after its parent Byju’s cut nearly 600 jobs from Toppr and WhiteHat Jr last month. Overall, WhiteHat Jr has fired 1,300 people this year.

Credit: BI-India

Toppr | 300

Byju’s owned edtech company Toppr fired 300 employees in the last week of June, according to Business Insider.

Credit: BI-India

FarEye | 250

SaaS company FarEye fired 250 employees at the time of their appraisals. The company has blamed soft market conditions and team restructuring for these layoffs.

Credit: BI-India

Rupeek | 200

Fintech company Rupeek laid off 180-200 employees — about 15 percent of its total workforce of 1,200 — in the month of June.

Credit: BI-India

Citymall | 191

Social commerce company Citymall fired 191 employees in the last three months, as per reports released last month.

Credit: BI-India

Udaan | 180

Business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce unicorn Udaan laid off 180 contractual employees from its team after its efficiency enhancement exercise led to redundancies in job roles.

Credit: BI-India

Yojak | 140

Business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce platform Yojak laid off 140 full-time and contractual employees from April 2022, according to reports published in June.

Credit: BI-India

Trell | 100

Another 100 employees left social commerce company Trell last month. About 300 people were laid off from the company in March 2022.

Credit: BI-India

Udayy | 100

Edtech startup Udayy shut down its operations last month, leaving 100 employees out of job.

Credit: BI-India

Aqgromalin | 80

Animal husbandry and aquaculture startup Aqgromalin fired 80 full-time employees from its corporate offices.

Credit: BI-India

Nova Benefits | 70

Fintech startup Nova Benefits laid off 30 percent of its workforce, or about 70 employees, last month.

Credit: BI-India

Breathe Well-being | 50

Gurugram-based healthtech startup Breathe Well-being laid off 50 employees — or about 30 percent of its workforce — from sales, operations, tech and other teams.

Credit: BI-India

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