This IIT Madras graduate sold his salad-making robot to the $56 billion DoorDash

Feb 9, 2021

By: Sanchita Dash

DoorDash has acquired Chowbotics, that builds food preparing robots

Credit: DoorDash/Facebook

Chowbotics was founded in 2014 by Indian American Deepak Sekar

Sekar is a graduate from IIT Madras

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

The 38-year old Sekar moved on from the founder role in 2019

He is currently on the Board of Directors in the company and runs an AI edtech firm Prof Jim.

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

Fast Company listed Chowbotics as one of the world’s most innovative companies

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

The last reported valuation is $46 million from 2018

The financial details of the current deal remain undisclosed.

Credit: Unsplash

Chowbotics’ popular product is Sally the robot

Cut, chopped, garnished all in 90 seconds!

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

Salads made by a robot

The salad vending machine contains 22 ingredients

Credit: Unsplash

Salads, grain and poke bowls, parfaits, cereals and snacks on a click

The 3X3 vending machine can also store 70 bowls.

Credit: Unsplash

It’s all autonomous

Comes with an in-built touch screen and card reader

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

Already in the US

The robot is already placed in hospitals, schools and grocery stores across the US

Credit: Chowbotics/Facebook

Will help merchants offer more

DoorDash said that with Sally its merchants can add more to their menu

Credit: DoorDash/Facebook

Softbank-backed DoorDash is the biggest food delivery company in the US

It recently made news for its blockbuster IPO in Nasdaq.

Credit: DoorDash/Facebook

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