Airtel is offering a combined plan for mobile, broadband and DTH for those who can afford all 3

Airtel is offering a combined plan for mobile, broadband and DTH for those who can afford all 3
The new Airtel Black service is now liveAirtel
  • Airtel Black is a new service from the telecom provider that combines mobile, fiber broadband and DTH services under a single plan and a single bill.
  • Airtel Black prices start at ₹998 per month, going all the way up to ₹2,099 per month.
  • Existing One Airtel subscribers will be migrated to the Airtel Black service.
Airtel Black is the latest offering from one of the leading telecom players in India, offering users a single plan that combines its three core services -- mobile services, broadband and DTH.

With these new Airtel Black plans, the telco is aiming squarely for the ‘quality-seeking’ customers - those who are willing to spend a little higher for the convenience of an all-in-one plan, and those who prefer quality of service over value for money.

In a way, the new Airtel Black service is a revamp of the One Airtel service that was launched in 2020. Airtel’s Director – Marketing and Communications, Shashwat Sharma, said that the One Airtel service was a ‘beta’ in a way.

He further clarified that all One Airtel subscribers will be migrated to the new Airtel Black service. We’ve sought a clarification on whether these existing subscribers will have to pay the new, slightly costlier Airtel Black tariffs. We will update the story once we receive a response.

Here’s what you get with the Airtel Black service

The Airtel Black service combines mobile, broadband and DTH services, but subscribers can choose to subscribe to any two of the three services. Essentially, you can choose mobile and broadband, mobile and DTH, broadband and DTH, or all the three together.


Subscribing to this plan means you get a single bill for all the services you’ve subscribed to. Apart from this, the telco also says that Airtel Black services will get access to a dedicated relationship team with the promise of priority resolution, and the Airtel Xstream Box at no extra cost.

Airtel Black plan prices detailed

Currently, Airtel is offering four plans, starting at ₹998 per month.

The most affordable ₹998 plan gives you access to 2 mobile connections and 1 DTH connection.

The other plans are priced at ₹1,349, ₹1,598 and ₹2,099 per month, respectively, with GST charges extra.

The top-end ₹2,099 plan gets you access to 3 mobile connections, 1 fiber broadband connection and 1 DTH connection.

Airtel is yet to reveal the exact plan benefits for each of the three services. We will update the story once these details are revealed.


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