How to check the data used on your JIO number

How to check the data used on your JIO number
Most reliance JIO network plans are data usage based. Hence you get to use a particular amount of internet data based on the plan you have subscribed to. Most of the JIO plans come with unlimited calls and SMS options. To ensure that you have not exceeded the data usage that is part of your plan, you need to keep track of the data you have used in regular intervals. JIO network subscribers have several ways to check their data usage information. Here are a few easy methods to check your Reliance JIO data usage.

Check data usage on MyJio app

Download MyJio app and install it on your phone. Sign into your MyJio app using your login credentials and select the category – Voice, Data, SMS, or WiFi based on which usage you want to check. You will receive the details of your most recent usage.

Check data usage on

Visit the official website of the Reliance JIO network. Login to the site using the OTP sent to your account. Click on ‘Usage’ which you will find on the ‘Summary’ tab. You can choose to view your weekly and daily usage in a graphic format. When you click on ‘Usage Details’, you can know the details of your recent usage transactions for calls, SMS, data, and WiFi.


Reliance 3G/4G internet data balance check numbers

To know your 3G/4G internet balance information, dial *111*1*3#.

Send an SMS typing in MBAL to 55333. You will receive an SMS stating you the data usage information.

To know the data consumed, you can also dial *333# and pressing the numbers as per the instructions. You will get an SMS stating the total data you have consumed.

Know data usage through SMS alert

Reliance JIO offers SMS alert service on your number which will send you an SMS giving you the total data consumed on your number during the session that was just closed.

Data balance check through IVR calling method

To check the data usage on your Reliance JIO number, give a missed call to 1299. Your call will get disconnected automatically and you will receive an SMS providing you the data balance, calling benefits, and validity information.

Check data usage on Reliance Wi-Pod

If you are using JIO internet connection on a Wi-Pod, knowing the data usage details is important so that you can adjust your internet usage accordingly. If you are connecting your desktop to your Reliance Wi-Pod, type in in your browser tab and hit enter. Once you land on the main page, click on ‘Status’ and log in. Unless changed the username and password, the default values are ‘Admin’. Once you have logged in, click on Statistics and you will get the data downloaded, uploaded and the total traffic on your number. You will get the current data usage information as well as the total data used. When you have recharged your JIO prepaid account that you are using on your Wi-Pod, you can easily keep track of the data usage. If you using a postpaid account, clear the data when your next billing cycle starts. In this way, you can get to know the total traffic and the data you have used for your current cycle.