How to save money and recharge with old Jio plans right now

How to save money and recharge with old Jio plans right now
Reliance Jio announced a hike in its prices earlier this month, following Airtel and Vodafone Idea.. The price increases forced users to line up plans and recharge multiple times with the old plans to save money.

However, if you have missed out on lining up old plans, there is another way for you to retain those old plans even now. Jio has an offer in place for that.

How to recharge old Jio plans

Jio users who do not have any active plans right now can access old Jio plans and recharge now. To get started, just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the MyJio app and sign in. Alternatively, you can login to your account on
  • Look for the ‘Tariff protection’ banner in the MyJio app. You can also access the old plans by tapping on ‘Recharge’.
  • On, click on the gear/settings icon after logging in to your account, and then click on ‘Tariff protection’.
  • Choose the plan you want and make the payment.
Existing Reliance Jio plans

CategoryMRPPlan benefits
DataMinutes to non-Jio numbersValidityCost per GB
1-month₹ 1991.5GB/day100028₹ 4.73
₹ 249 2GB/day100028₹ 4.45
₹ 3493GB/day100028₹ 4.15
2-months₹ 3991.5GB/day200056₹ 4.75
₹ 4442GB/day200056₹ 3.96
3-months₹ 5551.5GB/day300084₹ 4.4
₹ 5992GB/day300084₹ 3.57
12-months₹ 21991.5GB/day12000365₹ 4.02
Affordable plans₹ 1292GB100028₹ 64.5
₹ 3296GB300064₹ 54.83
₹ 129924GB12000365₹ 54.13


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