Indians are now consuming over 12,000 petabytes of 4G data every month

Mar 15, 2022

By: Rounak Jain

6.5 times growth in 4G mobile data usage

4G mobile data traffic surged from 1,930 petabytes in 2017 to 12,640 petabytes in 2021.

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Here’s what can you do with 12,640 petabytes of data

You can watch 139 million 4K movies every month. That is 1.7 billion 4K movies a year, more than the entire population of India.

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4G’s compounded annual growth rate at 31 percent

2021 was the best year in terms of absolute growth in mobile data usage as 2G subscribers upgraded to 4G, 3G spectrum was refarmed for 4G, and more.

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4G contributes 99 percent to all mobile data usage

Almost the entire mobile data usage comes from 4G.

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Active 5G devices in India now at 10 million

Even before India begins 5G spectrum auctions, telcos have millions of users ready to use their 5G services.

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Millennials and Gen Z spend a third of their day online

Millennials and Gen Z are online now more than ever before – Nokia’s survey shows they are online 8 hours every day.

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Users are now consuming three times more data than 5 years ago

Thanks to affordable 4G data plans.

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650 million 4G devices now in India

After a dip in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, smartphone shipments crossed 160 million in 2021 – the highest ever in India.

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Rural India to drive the next wave of smartphone adoption

The survey also states that rural India will drive the next wave of smartphone adoption, proving critical to the way content is consumed on the internet.

Credit: BISA

5G services revenue to reach $9 billion by 2026

The next-gen tech will be the next driver of telecom companies’ revenue.

Credit: Nokia

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