India ranks 56th in mobile speed ranking – Find out who are the top 10

Jun 22, 2023

By: Sourabh Jain

India ranks 56th

India has ranked on the 56th position on Speedtest’s Global Index mobile speeds report for May 2023. The country has climbed three spots and has a speed of 39.94 Mbps per user on average.

Credit: Canva

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has climbed from the second position to top the list with an average speed of 181.79 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


Qatar has dropped a position and takes the second position with a speed of 164.86 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


Norway is next on the list with a mobile internet speed of 146.15 Mbps. The country has climbed two positions when compared to April 2023.

Credit: Canva


Kuwait takes the fourth spot with a speed of 136.75 Mbps. The country has managed to maintain its position from April 2023.

Credit: Canva


Denmark has climbed a position to take the fifth rank. It offers a speed of 127.13 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


Macau is next on the list, having dropped down by three positions. It offers a speed of 123.15 Mbps.

Credit: Canva

South Korea

South Korea has gained two positions to occupy the seventh rank with a speed of 114.66 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


China has maintained its eighth position with a speed of 110.39 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


Netherlands has gained a position and occupies the ninth rank. It offers a speed of 106.12 Mbps.

Credit: Canva


Sweden offers a speed of 98.58 Mbps and has gained a position to occupy the tenth rank.

Credit: Canva

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