Cameron to Corbyn: 'For heaven's sake man, go!'


Prime Minister David Cameron heaped more pressure on opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign after shouting "For heaven's sake man, go!" across the House of Commons on Wednesday.


In the latest installment of Prime Minister's Questions, Cameron responded to the Labour leader's question about the effect Brexit will have on UK jobs with an attack on his waning leadership.

The Prime Minister said: "He talks about job insecurity and my two months to go. It might be in my party's interest for him to sit there but it's not in the national interest and I would say: 'For heaven's sake man, go!'"

Cameron's remark comes as members of Corbyn's shadow cabinet continue to resign after the Labour leader lost a confidence vote on Tuesday. The latest was Pat Glass, who stepped down as Shadow Education Secretary on Wednesday after only being appointed two days earlier.

The Prime Minister also criticised the opposition leaders' contribution to the Remain campaign in the run-up to last week's referendum. Politicians from multiple parties criticised Corbyn for not being enthusiastic enough in his campaigning for UK to stay in the EU.


Referring to Corbyn's part in the Remain campaign, the PM said: "The Honorable Gentleman said he put his back into it, but I'd hate to see it when he doesn't try."

Watch Cameron attack Corbyn's leadership in the clip below:

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